Powertronics is a distributor of c3controls electrical control products including contactors, control relays, disconnect switches, circuit protection, starters, pilot lights, motor control, and more.


Contactors and Control Relays

c3controls Series 300 Non-Reversing Contactors are ideal for motor, actuator, solenoid, and other power switching applications where panel space is at a premium and device modularity is required to satisfy virtually any application requirement. c3controls Series 300 Control Relays are compact in size, available with AC or DC coils, and are ideal for switching motors and other logic control circuits.

Disconnect Switches

c3controls Non-Fused Disconnect Switches can be used in a wide range of switching applications. Available installations for both in-panel/base mount and door mount, switch ratings from 16A-125A, motor loads up to 40HP@480V, configurations in 3-, 4-, and 5-pole, certified to UL and CSA standards, and CE marked. These disconnect switches enhance safety by isolating the fuse while in the open position.

c3controls Enclosed Disconnect Switches are commonly used in manual motor controller applications as a motor disconnect and serve as a local switch for ON/OFF control for the motor. Enclosed rotary disconnect switches are OSHA lockout/tagout compatible, horsepower-rated, and UL listed. Switch ratings from 16A-63A, motor loads up to 25HP@480V, and configurations in 3- and 4-pole.

Pilot Devices / Indicator Lights

Pilot devices provide the visual indication about the operating status of a circuit. They are mainly used for ON/OFF indication, changing conditions, and alarm signaling. Indicator lights are equipped with incandescent lamps or LEDs, and are mainly used as indicating lights in automated instruments, condition panels, telephones, and dashboards.

  • 13mm low-cost indicating lights with internal resistors to match various AC and DC voltages. Each unit is provided with a dress ring/panel gasket to accommodate a ½ in. (13mm) mounting hole and designed to be mounted in panels up to 1/8 in. (3mm) thick.
  • 30mm pilot lights with LED lamps provide leakage protection, long-lasting life, and high resistance to shock and vibration. Reflection technology LED lamps improve visibility from all angles and last 100,000 hours.

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

c3controls Series 330 Motor Protection Circuit Breakers provide reliable overload and short circuit protection for motor control applications. These miniature industrial circuit breakers are ideal for multi-motor installations and can be used for manually controlling individual motors against short-circuit currents and overload. Featuring an ON/OFF manual operator, these magnetic and thermal magnetic motor circuit breakers enable easy isolation of the individual motor circuit without having to isolate the other circuits. They can be easily padlocked in the OFF position during maintenance.




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