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Weekly Update

We offer discounts based on your customer type. To see what your discount level would be please click on "My Account" and create a customer account. In the application you will be asked to select your customer type and give a description of your company. Once you hit submit your account will be reviewed. Once accepted, the next time you log in all the prices will show your new discounted price.

You may notice some of our products have what is called a Product Code. Example: Assembly Item, Obsolete/Discontinued Item, Call For Availability, ex...These codes are there to give further details into the product. Some of these items may be stocked items, some of these items may have limited quantities, and some of these items may be assembled at the time of order. So when placing these items into your cart please note that you may see a Warning Message indicating the part is out of stock! Don't worry, a lot of the time it just means we have to assemble the item, or the item may be an item that we ship direct from the factory.

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