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Weekly Update July 10th

Klockner Moeller vs. Eaton What's The Difference?

So I'm sure many of you have by now noticed a new name on your Klockner Moeller products?
Well to give you the background on the new Eaton name we will have to start back in 2008. Back in 2008 Eaton Corporation acquired Klockner Moeller worldwide. The big change came in 2010 for the USA when Eaton acquired Klockner Moeller North America, which was a separate entity from Klockner Moeller Worldwide. This is when we started seeing Moeller products with an Eaton box and Eaton part number. If you look on this site you will see what I mean when you look at a Klockner Moeller product such as the Moeller Contactors and you see a Klockner Moeller DIL part number along with an Eaton XTCE part number. Both part numbers actually represent the same product and both part numbers will be branded on the formally Klockner Moeller part.

So who is Eaton Corp. and what is their plan for the Klockner Moeller product line?
Eaton Corporation is a multi billion dollar company that spans the globe.  Prior to the acquisition of Klockner Moeller, Eaton carried product lines such as Cutler Hammer, Westing House, MEM, Powerware, Wright-Light, MGE, Santak, and EMC. I'm sure at least some of the Eaton product lines I just listed rung a bell? To sum it up Eaton carries products and solutions for just about every application in just about every industry! Going forward Eaton will be transitioning away from the Klockner Moeller name to the Eaton name, but don't worry the Klockner Moeller products are still going to be available. Powertronics Inc. will always have a complete line of the Eaton Klockner Moeller products In Stock ready to ship! We have been selling the entire klockner Moeller product line since 1974, and with the Eaton acquisition we now will be selling the entire Eaton product line in the Industrial Controls and Solution industry. If you ever have questions please let us know. Below you can click on the links to the Eaton Klockner Moeller and Eaton Cutler Hammer manufacturer pages.


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