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Eaton XTCE025C10A

Eaton Moeller Contactor 3 Phase 40 Amp 120VAC 1 N.O. Auxillary

SKU: DILM25-10 (110/120V, 50/60Hz) - Klockner Moeller
SKU DILM25-10 (110/120V, 50/60Hz) - Klockner Moeller


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Product Information:
Eaton Moeller Contactor 3 Phase 40 Amp 120VAC 1 N.O. Auxiliary - XTCE025C10A - DILM25-10 (110/120V, 50/60Hz) - Klockner Moeller are some of the highest quality industrial contactors on the market and are made to work in any industrial automation application.
Product Alternates and Number Alterations:
Why Two Part Numbers?
Eaton Corp. which purchased Klockner Moeller (Moeller Electric) back in 2008 chose to assign some of their products including their Contactors with two part numbers. One follows the Klockner Moeller method etc. "DILM" and the second follows the Eaton method etc. "XTCE". Both part numbers are equally valid and will pull up the same part when searched on our site.
This Klockner Moeller DILM25, Eaton Moeller XTCE025C  will work with all of the below Moeller DILA Auxiliary Contacts.
  • DILA-XHI02
  • DILA-XHI04
  • DILA-XHI11
  • DILA-XHI13
  • DILA-XHI20
  • DILA-XHI22
  • DILA-XHI31
  • DILA-XHI40
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