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Competitor Contactor Cross Over Chart:

With the below chart you will be able to take any Square D (Telemecanique), AEG, Allen Bradley, and Siemens Contactor and easily convert it to a Contactor of your choice from one of our stocked brands! Powertronics offers Contactors from Eaton Klockner Moeller, Eaton Cutler Hammer, ABB Low Voltage, and C3 Controls. All you have to do is click on the part number you want it will take you to that product page.

Klockner Moeller Cutler Hammer ABB C3 Controls Allen Bradley Square D Siemens AEG
DILEM XTMC9A B6-30 300-M 100-M09N LC1-K09 3RT1016 LS05
DILEM XTMC9A B7-30 300-M 100-M12N LC1-K12 3RT1017 LS06K
DILM9 XTCE009B A9-30 300-S09N30 100-C09 LC1-D09 3RT1023 LS4K
DILM12 XTCE012B A12-30 300-S12N30 100-C12 LC1-D12 3RT1024 LS5K
DILM17 XTCE017C A16-30 300-S18N30 100-C16 LC1-D18 3RT1025td LS7K
DILM25 XTCE025C A26-30 300-S25N30 100-C23 LC1-D25 3RT1026 LS11K
DILM32 XTCE032C A30-30 300-S32N30 100-C30 LC1-D32 3RT1034 LS15K
DILM40 XTCE040D A40-30 300-S40N30 100-C37 LC1-D38 3RT1035 LS18K
DILM50 XTCE050D A50-30 300-S50N30 100-C43 LC1-D50 3RT1036 LS22K
DILM65 XTCE065D A63-30 300-S65N30 100-C60 LC1-D65 3RT1044 LS30K
DILM80 XTCE080F A75-30 300-S80N30 100-C72 LC1-D80 3RT1045 LS37K
DILM95 XTCE095F A95-30 300-S95N30 100-C85 LC1-D95 3RT1046 LS45K
DILM115 XTCE115G A110-30 300-S105N30 CAB6-105 LC1-D115 3RT1054 LS55K
DILM150 XTCE150G A145-30   CAB6-140 LC1-D150 3RT1055 LS75K




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